Sand Cave System Ant Nest

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Empire of Ants Sand Cave System Ant Nest: Explore ant life in a 10 x 10 x 10 cm naturalistic nest with soft gray sand, perfect for 500 to 4000 ants. Includes easy water tower integration and safe materials.

Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of ants with the Empire of Ants Sand Cave System Ant Nest. Covered in soft gray sand, this nest allows you to witness the incredible life of ants as they emerge from their underground universe. The design, which exposes tiny patches of green grass on the surface, encapsulates the essence of the wilderness and the persistent vitality of these tiny creatures. With a size of 10 x 10 x 10 cm and crafted from high-quality plaster within a transparent box, this nest provides an unparalleled viewing experience. Observe, learn, and be amazed at the organized society of ants and their intricate underground cave systems.

Features of the Sand Cave System Ant Nest

  • Naturalistic Design: Gray sand surface with hints of green grass, mimicking the wilderness.
  • Test Tube Integration: Side holes guide ants into the nest, with options to connect hoses or tubes.
  • Humidity Control: External water tower plug-in ensures consistent nest humidity without disturbances during replacement.
  • Safe Material: Strictly selected sand material that’s soft and harmless to ants.
  • Size and Build: Measures 10 x 10 x 10 cm, crafted from plaster in a high-quality transparent box.
  • Capacity: Suitable for housing 500 to 4000 ants.
  • Trusted Brand: A premium nest from the esteemed Empire of Ants brand.

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Sand Cave System Ant Nest
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