Glass Test Tube 16X160mm (10 pcs)

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Empire of Ants Glass Test Tube 16X160mm: Optimal for new ant post-cultivation, suitable for species below 1.6cm.

Introducing the Empire of Ants Glass Test Tube 16X160mm, a must-have accessory for ant enthusiasts. Designed specifically for post-cultivation nesting, this test tube ensures a secure and comfortable environment for newly cultivated ants. By maintaining the suggested water volume at the rear, ant keepers can create optimal conditions for the ants. Size plays a crucial role, and with this 16X160mm caliber, it’s ideal for ant species measuring below 1.6cm. Trust in the quality and expertise of Empire of Ants when choosing accessories for your ant-keeping journey.

Features of the Glass Test Tube 16X160mm

  • Optimal for Post-Cultivation: Specifically designed for new post-cultivation nesting.
  • Water Volume Guidance: Recommended to plug 1/3-1/4 water volume at the rear for best results.
  • Size Specific: Best suited for ant species below 1.6cm.
  • Trusted Brand: A quality accessory from the respected Empire of Ants brand.1a5a2dd7 8199 48ea 9af3 09ce6d6fc9cd

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Glass Test Tube 16X160mm (10 pcs)
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