New to Ant Keeping and Need the Right Equipment?

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Welcome to our curated selection of top-tier ant-keeping equipment, designed to cater to both amateur and seasoned myrmecologists. From formicariums to outworld setups, feeding tools to hydration systems, we offer a comprehensive range of products that elevate the art of ant-keeping.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Shading Sheet?

Shading sheets help to mimic natural light conditions and can provide a more comfortable environment for certain ant species. They are particularly useful for regulating temperature and light exposure in the formicarium.

How Effective Is Escape Prevention Liquid?

Our escape prevention liquid, like PTFE Fluon, is the best effective way creating barriers that prevent ants from climbing out of their habitats. It’s a must-have for ensuring your ants stay safely within their designated area.

Why use glass test tubes for ant keeping?

Glass test tubes are ideal for housing new queen ants or small colonies. They provide a clear view, stable environment, and are easy to clean and maintain, making them a popular choice among ant keepers.


How Often Should I Refill the Water Supply for My Ants?

The frequency of refilling the water supply depends on the size of your colony and the type of water system you use. We provide guidelines on monitoring and maintaining hydration levels for your ants.

When Should I Use the Ultra Thick Shock Cushion?

The ultra thick shock cushion is ideal for protecting your ant colonies during transportation or when rearranging their habitat. It minimizes disturbance and stress to the ants, ensuring their well-being.

How to Apply Escape Prevention Liquid Correctly?

Applying escape prevention liquid effectively is key. We offer instructions on how to apply it around the edges of your ant habitat to create a secure, escape-proof environment.

New to Ant Keeping and Need the Right Equipment?

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